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“POPULAR seeks out and honors those worthy of the Restore
Integrity Award, our sometimes silent heroes who break down
proverbial walls of silence and light the way for others, and who
serve to inspire, encourage, and help others join to restore

Nancy Swan, Former POPULAR Advisory Board Vice President
POPULAR's Restore Integrity Award
Current Award Recipients:

The 2014 mid-year RIA recipients are as follows:

Public Sector Category:

Attorney Beverly P. Sharpe, for confirming in her capacity as
Director of the Consumer Assistance Program of
Tennessee’s Board of Professional Responsibility that
serious unethical conduct is implicated by credible
allegations that a prosecutor derided without necessarily
violating or circumventing whistleblower protection laws;

Private Sector Category:

Sevier County, Tennessee resident and former deputy sheriff
Mark P. Lipton for seeking a federal investigation of his
former boss, a popular Tennessee Sheriff, for allegedly
obstructing a DUI arrest, which allegation was subsequently
corroborated by polygraph examination;

Grassroots Advocacy Category:

The Center for Prosecutor Integrity for refining its
"Roadmap for Prosecutor Reform" and becoming America's
premier prosecutor accountability advocate as of the
organization's 2014 Innocence Summit held in Washington,
D.C. at which the
Campaign Fact Sheet featuring fellow
award recipient Mark P. Lipton was circulated.      
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  • POPULAR's “Restore Integrity Award” is awarded bi-
    annually in the categories of public sector, private sector,
    and / or grassroots advocacy.

  • All of POPULAR’s award recipients have taken or
    otherwise pursued one or more specific acts or
    measures to eliminate significant inequity, waste, fraud,
    abuse, or other public and/or private sector corruption in

  • POPULAR defines corruption as any illegal or unethical
    conduct contributing to the systemic malfunction of
    government, commerce, and/or democracy in America
    as contemplated by the U.S. Constitution.

  • Nominations are always welcome!
Restore Integrity Awards

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