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POPULAR is a legal reform
organization, committed to
helping poor and other
disadvantaged people access
affordable and competent
legal representation,
appropriate judicial oversight,
and important civil and
criminal justice system reforms.
Our campaign is to include candlelight vigils for justice; periodic requests that the Criminal Section, Civil Rights Division of the U. S.
Justice Department investigate certain violations of civil, constitutional, and/or human rights; and corresponding evaluations of the
agency's user-friendliness or "POPULARITY."    
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Zena Crenshaw Logal,
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Alleged Government Retaliation against
POPULAR Advisory Board members Michayl
Mellen and George Stokes:

No. 7709 w/o Attachments
Supplement to No. 7709
( w/o Attachments )
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Justice Department Has Grassroots Reform Groups Hot Under The Blue Collar

POPULAR, Inc. (POPULAR) is a grassroots legal reform organization named after the acronym for Power Over
Poverty Under Laws of America Reformed. As its first year anniversary approaches, the group celebrates by
publicizing its first report card on the Criminal Section of the Civil Rights Division for the U. S. Department of
Justice (DOJ). The division section got high grades for good manners but “incompletes” and an “F” in
substantive performance areas as well as an “F” for persistence due to its limited prosecutions of 18 U.S.C.
sections 241 and 242 violations.

Notre Dame President Emeritus Calls On House Judiciary Chairman and U.S. Attorney General
To Meet With Embattled Legal Reform Activist

Reverend Theodore M. Hesburgh, President Emeritus of the University of Notre Dame at South Bend, Indiana,
recently wrote U.S. Representative John Conyers, Jr. and Attorney General Eric Holder on behalf of Notre
Dame graduate and good government advocate, Zena Crenshaw-Logal.  Noting that he welcomed President
Barack Obama to the university’s campus for its 2009 commencement address but had yet to meet them,
Hesburgh encouraged Representative Conyers and Attorney General Holder to meet with Zena, describing her
as “a young woman with whom I have much in common.”  Hesburgh wrote Conyers and Holder upon learning
of Zena’s troubles following her public challenge, “with substantial community support (of alleged) bias by
courts of Lake County, Indiana . . .”  - 2009-10-6

discrimination and First Amendment Enforcement in Protecting America’s Most Vulnerable

By the time related circumstances warrant federal intervention, historically protected people are often more
than discrimination victims, having by then become advocates for personal vindication and broader reform.  
As envisioned by our U. S. Civil Rights Commission in 1965, “(p)rimary responsibility for correcting (their)
problems . . . rests with the individual States” which fail given obstacles more insidious than unlawful
discrimination.  Anyone legitimately pressing beyond local officials to our federal government for relief, needs
a DOJ committed to First Amendment as much if not more than anti-discrimination enforcement. - 2009-9-22

ACORN 8 Gets "POPULAR" - Groups Challenge Justice Department to Protect America's Poor
and Middle Class

More than 50 years ago, the U.S. Justice Department (DOJ) committed itself “to upholding the civil and
constitutional rights of all Americans, including some of the most vulnerable members of our society.”  
“Relative lack of wealth” literally defines the most vulnerable segment of American society according to Zena
Crenshaw Logal, Executive Director of a good government advocate known as POPULAR (Power Over Poverty
Under Laws of America Restored).  Shortly after his election, we accordingly hastened President Obama to
foster a Justice Department that is conspicuously pro-average American.  And today, POPULAR teamed with
the ACORN 8 L.L.C. (ACORN 8) in submitting their first joint complaint to the Criminal Section of the DOJ’s
Civil Rights Division.  “We will continually submit compelling evidence of various conspiracies against rights
and deprivations of rights under color of law and publicize the DOJ’s response” says attorney Michael McCray,
national spokesperson for the ACORN 8.   - 2009-07-07

Grassroots Advocates Question Legal Aid for Wealthy Supporter by House Judiciary Committee

Today, the grassroots advocate known as POPULAR noted in a letter to House Judiciary Chairman John
Conyers, Jr.: "(u)nless an era has dawned in which 'due process' routinely includes direct congressional review
of questionable legal proceedings, that being provided (Mississippi lawyer) Paul Minor is a serious misdirection
of limited government resources." - 2009-02-12

Anti-Corruption Advocates Announce Their "Obama Lights The Way" Campaign And Candlelight
Vigils For Justice

POPULAR urged President-Elect Obama, through his virtual office at Change.Gov, to foster a Justice
Department that fervently prosecutes criminal violations of civil and constitutional rights. According to
POPULAR Advisory Board Vice-President Nancy Swan, the online communication started what the group calls
its "Obama Lights The Way" campaign. "Our campaign is to include candlelight vigils for justice; periodic,
post-inauguration requests that the Justice Department investigate certain violations of civil, constitutional,
and/or human rights; and corresponding evaluations of the Justice Department's user-friendliness," explains
Swan. - 2008-12-18
To Read Hesburgh's Letter for
Zena to Conyers and Holder:

merges with
human rights
POPULAR issues
First DOJ Report Card

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POPULAR joins U.N.  
submission for upcoming
review of America's human
rights record premised in
part on POPULAR's DOJ